DWP compulsory redundancies: send PCS e-letter to permanent secretary

22 Feb 2018

PCS is calling on all DWP members in the Department for Work and Pensions to send an e-letter to permanent secretary Peter Schofield to support 2 of our members at Plymouth Benefit Centre who are needlessly facing compulsory redundancy.

Bizarrely the office that these two members - who are administrative officer grade staff - work in is not actually closing. However, the work that they do is moving to another location that is outside their mobility and the DWP claims that it can find no other AO work in Plymouth for these staff to do.

Help support the campaign by registering your protest against this shameful decision by sending an e-letter to the DWP permanent secretary Peter Schofield.

Wrong decision

This compulsory redundancy decision is wrong for many reasons:

  • The office they currently work in is not even closing.
  • There are and will continue to be AO working that office.
  • In this digital age DWP could easily move AO work to Plymouth for these members to do
  • The two members are trained employment and support allowance processors. DWP needs more of these not fewer
  • DWP always claimed that the office closures programme was not about cutting jobs.
  • These members have done nothing wrong. They simply want to be able to continue working for DWP and cannot afford to be made redundant.
  • In an organisation as large as DWP, that employs tens of thousands of AOs, surely they can find work in Plymouth for two AOs.

If the DWP can get away with making these 2 staff compulsorily redundant then the risk becomes much greater that they will try and use compulsory redundancy again in the future. With more than 40 large sites formally branded as temporary ‘transition’ sites, and most other DWP sites only having a 5-year lease, the risk of further compulsory redundancies is very real.

It is quick and easy to send your e-letter to Peter Schofield. Click on the highlighted link, enter your name and address, click send email and the letter is sent. We advise members not to do this during working hours, but either in a lunchbreak or at home.

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