DWP Plymouth members’ successful strike to fight office closure

06 Nov 2017

The closure of the office puts 50 jobs at risk and 350 staff will be forced to relocate to other offices.

On a freezing cold morning the 238 PCS members at DWP Plymouth Benefit Centre gave full support to the strike today to fight to proposed closure of their office.

Over 30 attended a lively picket. Representatives from Plymouth Trades Council and local Labour Party councillors joined the pickets to show their support.

New members joined PCS on the picket and agreed not to go into work.

PCS will continue to press the DWP to keep the office open and to avoid any compulsory transfers or compulsory redundancies.

Further action will be considered if the DWP does not reverse the decision to close the office.

How you can help

Show your support for the members fighting to keep Plymouth Benefit Centre open.

  • Support the members on future picket lines
  • Send a statement of support to Leeds@pcs.org.uk
  • Send donations to the strike fund to 3rd Floor, Town Centre House, Merrion Centre, Leeds, LS2 8LY

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