Facebook Live from Liverpool 20 June

18 Jun 2018

To mark the start of the PCS pay ballot our general secretary Mark Serwotka is broadcasting live via Facebook from a reps’ pay meeting in Liverpool at 12.30pm on Wednesday (20).

Our latest Facebook Live event comes at a crucial stage in our pay campaign as our pay ballot opened today (18). It is vital that all eligible members vote yes for a fully-funded 5% pay rise and send a powerful message to the government.

The ballot runs until 23 July.

Watch Facebook Live

Tell your friends and colleagues to watch our Facebook Live event and send in your questions for Mark on pay and the ballot to editor@pcs.org.uk

Let us know where you work and why you and your colleagues deserve a pay rise.

Strengthen our hand

We are currently in pay talks with the Cabinet Office. A decisive yes vote will strengthen our hand in the talks and give negotiators a clear mandate from members.

Because of new trade union laws, to win the statutory ballot we need more than 50% of our total membership to vote. Voting can only take place by post.

It is vitally important that we achieve the 50% margin to give the union a strong mandate to proceed with our campaign.

The question members in the civil service and related areas will be asked in the postal ballot is: Are you prepared to take part in strike action?

We deserve a pay rise, our members know that, their families know that. Let’s ensure that in 2018 the government is forced to give them what they deserve.

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