Fair pay fight goes on as PCS rejects MOD pay offer

22 Aug 2018

PCS Defence Sector Group has rejected the Ministry of Defence pay offer for 2018 as it comes nowhere meeting the demands of our national pay claim.

We were presented with the offer as follows:

  • Maximum of pay scales will be increased by 0.8% - individuals on the current maximum will be moved to the new maximum;
  • Everyone below the current maximum will receive an uplift in their pay of 1.3% unless this takes them above the new maximum. If this is the case the individual will be placed on the new maximum;
  • The minimum of each scale will be increased by 1.8%. Individuals who fall below the new minimum after the application of the 1.3% outlined above will be moved onto the new minimum;
  • Retained grades with single point scales will be increased by 1.5%;
  • Payment of a one-off non-consolidated award for all individuals, calculated as the difference between a 2% award and their consolidated increase.

Falls way short

This offer is at least fully funded, does not require monies from the existing pay pot to be used to fund increases to the National Living Wage and does utilise all the consolidated and non-consolidated monies available. As such, we acknowledge it is the best available through negotiation whilst the department is still subject to the Treasury pay cap. However it goes nowhere near meeting the demands of our claim and represents the eighth year of below inflation pay increases for hard working members of our union. It also does not match the pay increase awarded to the armed forces of 2% consolidated and 0.9% non-consolidated, especially recognising that the armed forces also retain pay progression.

In our view this disparity will further call into question the department’s position on the ‘whole force’, when civilians are seen to be worth so much less.

In reality it represents a further year of real terms pay cuts, with inflation increasing (CPI 2.5%, RPI 3.2%). Plus, there are also tight timescales necessary to achieve payment in October (backdated to August).

PCS is pursuing legal action against the government, with other civil service unions, over government ministers’ refusal to consult the civil unions properly over pay despite promises to the contrary. Ministers issued the pay remit guidance of 1-1.5% last month.

MOD group president Chris Dando said: “It is disappointing that despite some movement from the department, the constraints of the ongoing Treasury pay cap of increases up to 1.5% meant that we were unable to make progress towards our claim and break the pay cap.

“This does not mean PCS has given up the fight to achieve decent pay increases for members.”

The PCS national pay campaign goes on; we call on DSG branches to hold meetings in all workplaces, to consult members on pay over the autumn period. We will be entering into early talks with the department over pay 2019.

We will be consulting members over priorities and objectives in advance of those discussions.

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