Fat Cat Friday: time to deliver fair pay for civil servants

03 Jan 2020

Today is 3 January and by the end of the day, only 2 working days into 2020, the average FTSE 100 CEO will have already earned more than the average civil servant’s salary. 

The CIPD’s annual assessment of FTSE 100 pay packages shows that median pay for chief executives is £3.46 million – 131 times that of the average salary of a UK civil servant (£26,373). We have calculated therefore that it would take the average UK civil servant 131 years to earn a FTSE 100 CEO’s salary but less than 2 full working days for a CEO to earn the average UK civil service salary.

In the civil service and related areas workers have suffered from years of pay stagnation. Over the past 10 years their pay has declined in real terms. That is why all of our members must have a pay rise that’s significantly above inflation.

For 2020 we are calling on the prime minister to make good on his leadership campaign rhetoric and give public sector workers and civil servants an above inflation pay increase.

We want a pay rise that is wholly funded by the Treasury. No department should have to cut jobs to pay for it. Instead of each department having different pay scales, this year we must move to towards a system where everyone gets the same rates of pay for doing the same work.

Last year 80% of civil service members voted to take strike action, if necessary, in support of our pay claim. But the turnout in the postal ballot was just short of the legal requirement for a 50% turnout. Since then we have been making use of technology to organise for a ballot should it be necessary in 2020. Reps have been using a new organising app to help collect members’ details, support increased participation in PCS, and gather views on taking action over pay. 

Get active in your union to help us win on pay in 2020.

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