FCO Interserve staff to hold month-long strike

22 Jan 2020

PCS members working for Interserve at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) have served notice for a month of strike action in February.

The facilities management (FM) workers have been in dispute with their employer since March 2019, which has already involved 18 days of strike action over six periods in 2019. Whilst strike action has won some concessions, Interserve will not move on key issues such as union recognition and a buy-out on contractual pay date changes.

In the last strike ballot in October, members voted 100% to back further strike action on an 83% turnout. PCS wrote to senior executives in Interserve during the ballot period to seek a settlement to the dispute as well as formally requesting union recognition, however, they have repeatedly refused.

The dispute centres on the following issues:

  • Recognition of PCS for collective bargaining purposes in the FCO
  • Buy-out of contractual pay changes
  • Return to monthly salaries not daily pay
  • Reinstatement of working hours for cleaners on permanent contracts
  • Full company sick pay for all.

The escalation of action follows many attempts to resolve the dispute via the conciliator, ACAS, and the subsequent worsening of treatment of the FM members by Interserve.

Despite being dumped from their contract for poor service levels by DWP, Interserve is being allowed by the FCO to continue with the sub-standard treatment of FM staff on FCO premises.

Show your support

We need union members to show support for these members whose prolonged dispute is unseen in the Foreign Office’s history.

Picketing will take place Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 12pm from 3–28 February. Parliamentary interventions and a march and rally are being planned.

You can support the strike in the following ways:

We urge you to stand with the FCO Interserve members and support their fight for justice.

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