FDA and Prospect reject MoJ MEP pay deal as PCS also recommends 'no' vote

17 Aug 2018

PCS has welcomed FDA and Prospect rejecting the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) pay offer, urging the government to scrap the scheme and get back round the negotiating table.

The unions who represent members in the MoJ, both came back with resounding “no” votes in their ballots which closed today.

PCS are currently balloting our members in the MoJ on the same modernising employment proposition (MEP) offer.

PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka said: “This rejection by the FDA and Prospect of the MoJ MEP offer is most welcome. Our members are in the process of being balloted on the offer and we are also expecting them to reject this regressive deal. This offer is dead in the water and department bosses should now re-open negotiations with the unions.

“Trying to tie MoJ workers into a 5-year deal while trying to sneak through longer hours, Saturdays and Bank Holiday shifts with no extra pay and sick and overtime pay being cut, is beyond the pale. 

“PCS members will not pay the high price for industrial peace being offered by the government and we will resist any imposition using all means at our disposal, including testing our members on industrial action if necessary.”

Under the MoJ’s MEP, PCS members could be forced to finish shifts as late as 8pm and staff could regularly be asked to work Saturdays and bank holidays for no extra money.

The working week would also be increased to 38 hours a week with overtime and sick pay cuts.

While some staff could receive an average 11% pay rise over 5 years in exchange for having their terms and conditions slashed, 50% of members would receive less than that and in the case of staff forced to go part time, because they are unable to increase their weekly hours, pay will be cut.

The PCS ballot runs until 2pm on 30 August. If we vote to reject the offer, the union will seek to reopen negotiations with the MoJ on pay.

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