Fighting changes to civil service redundancy pay

23 May 2019

PCS will use all possible political, legal and industrial means to oppose changes to the Civil Service Compensation Scheme, our national conference resolved.

The Cabinet Office wrote to PCS on 9 April in response to our proposals on the civil service compensation scheme (CSCS) outlining the changes the government intend to make to the scheme. The changes are different from the proposals contained in the 2017 consultation on changes to the CSCS in a number of ways, but that they are almost entirely unchanged from the proposals that were imposed on us in 2016, save a small uplift in the underpin for the lower paid.

The union’s legal and political campaigning has frustrated the government’s attempts, over the last three years, to implement cuts in the CSCS. Our approach has resulted in thousands of members benefiting financially at great cost to the government.

In moving motion A290, PCS General Secretary Mark Serwotka, said that our 2017 victory over the government in the High Court over its cuts to civil service redundancy pay (civil service compensation scheme) which quashed the cuts to the scheme, had to date cost the government over £100 million and resulted in thousands of members benefiting financially.

Mark said with office closures and job cuts taking place across the UK the government wants to make cuts to the scheme just when our members will need it most.

Mark said our union should challenge the government latest proposed changes, which would see redundancy payments cut by up to 30%, in parliament, in court and, if necessary in a ballot for industrial action.

“Let’s send a message to the government that if we don’t see the changes that our members need we will see them in court or we will see a membership campaign,” he said.

The motion was carried unanimously on the final morning of conference.

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