First PCS branch beats 50% in PCS pay ballot

01 Apr 2019

Congratulations to DWP Stockport and Tame Valley branch who are today’s Monday Marvels for being the first branch to pass the 50% threshold in the PCS postal pay ballot.

We’re two weeks into the ballot and lots of hard work is underway by reps and members calling members through the phone bank CallHub software and talking them face-to-face to urge them to vote in the ballot.

If your branch is still working to get to the 50% mark your reps can use our branch app to see who has voted in the ballot and chase up members who haven’t yet voted.

By Friday morning DWP Stockport and Tame Valley branch had achieved a 64% turnout – fantastic so early in the campaign. Branch secretary Paul Guinnane, who has recorded a short video about how the campaign is working in his branch, said the app has been a very useful tool in getting the vote out.

“The app has allowed us to focus our attention in weaker areas. We know which offices where we might have low agitation and we need to speak to those members, and it’s allowing us to do that,” he said.

Read the branch app guide online.

Paul said that not only have “the actions of our members and our reps” helped smash the 50% threshold but also “the social media channels of PCS who have consistently been sending out information to members on social media about the importance of voting, and more importantly really how to vote”.

Crucial to use your vote

Paul stressed the need to use for members to vote in the ballot: “I would say it’s crucial that you vote in this ballot. It is not just about pay, it is a referendum on our terms and conditions.

“We’ve seen the attacks on MOJ, if we do not deliver a 50% threshold turnout, or well in excess of that, we will certainly see the department come after our terms and conditions. Please vote, we deserve 10% (which is part of the PCS pay claim).”

Watch and share Paul's video

Need a ballot paper?

The deadline for requesting a replacement ballot paper is 5pm on Thursday, 18 April but the sooner you request it the better. You can do this by using our simple web form.

To be sure that your ballot paper arrives on time and your vote will be counted you should have it in the post no later than Wednesday, 24 April.

Not yet a member?

Only PCS members can vote, but it’s not too late to join. It’s quick and easy to register to join online

New member applications deadline is Friday, 12 April

To be included in the ballot new members application forms must be received by the PCS membership department no later than 5pm on Friday, 12 April. Applications may be submitted either online or by post, scanned copies are not accepted. New members will automatically be included in the ballot and do not need to request a ballot paper.

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