First round of HMRC strikes a great success

12 Apr 2019

The final day of three days of strike action saw the strike by PCS members in the Ealing Tax office remain absolutely solid, including some members who were on their first ever picket line.

Solidarity shown by local residents and activists continued, and today the striking members on the picket line were privileged to be joined by Sally Groves, who led the equal pay strike at Trico-Folberth in Brentford, West London, in 1976. That 21-week dispute helped pave the way for the Equal Pay Act being amended in 1983.

Another £100 was donated to the strikers’ hardship fund this morning - this time from a Labour Party branch - and two Ealing Borough councillors also visited the picket line to show solidarity with the strikers.

Over the three days, PCS members have remained solid, with well-supported picket lines each day, and tremendous support from local trades councils, community groups, activists, Members of Parliament and the London Assembly. The strikers are proving an inspiration to other offices, with HMRC’s Wolverhampton office now preparing to ballot for strike action against the closure of their office.

PCS has called on HMRC to urgently meet to discuss the plans to close International House, plans which will almost certainly result in mass redundancies in the Ealing office.

Following the strike action, the branch strike committee will be meeting next week (15 April) to discuss the next steps in the dispute.



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