Further consultation on redundancy cuts announced

28 Sep 2017

PCS is disappointed that the Cabinet Office has chosen to re-open consultation over cuts to civil service redundancy pay – the Civil Service Compensation Scheme.

In July, the High Court ruled that in 2016, PCS had been unlawfully excluded from negotiations on proposal to cut the CSCS. The court quashed the 2016 CSCS, which meant that the more generous 2010 terms applied. This means that many civil servants made redundant since November 2016 will benefit from higher redundancy pay.

The Cabinet Office was granted grounds to appeal the decision, but has now withdrawn that appeal, announcing today (25 September) that they plan to consult unions over the next 6 weeks on further cuts to the compensation scheme.

Following the court case, PCS has been in correspondence with officials and arrangements to meet at ministerial level to discuss the implications of the case are being finalised. It is disappointing, therefore, that the Cabinet Office pre-empted those discussions by reopening consultation.

In upholding the PCS case against the previous consultation exercise, the judges stated:

“..it is an obligation to consult in good faith and in a spirit of willingness to consider counter-proposals put forward by any representative trade union, such as the PCSU, with a view to seeing if, after giving them consideration, they might be accommodated in or alongside any proposed changes to the CSCS which the minister proposes to make.”

PCS is concerned that by rushing into a further short consultation period on cuts to the CSCS, the Cabinet Office is not approaching the consultation in “good faith” as required by the law.

We remain determined to oppose detrimental changes to redundancy pay, and will do so through consultation, negotiation with the Cabinet Office, political interventions and any other available route.  

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