Gatwick green new deal report launched

26 Nov 2020

A new report calling for a green new deal for Gatwick airport, co-produced by PCS, the Greenhouse think-tank and Green New Deal UK has been launched today.

This report assesses the impact on jobs at Gatwick airport since the air traffic downturn resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. Importantly it analyses the requirement for work in the region, particularly in public services, and jobs that will help decarbonisation and improve the environment. 

We hope it leads to a consultation on how we provide the local work needed in areas threatened by unemployment as a result of Covid, in ways that fit with the wider green recovery. 

PCS members at Gatwick are going through a period of extreme uncertainty. Employers are seeking to reduce the workforce to see them though the crisis, and in some cases re-employ on lesser terms and conditions. We are committed to defending our members’ jobs in the industry, but also recognise that recovery is some years off, if it comes at all, and therefore alternative plans are urgently needed to protect workers.

The report proposes a practical implementation of the principles expressed in broad terms by the green new deal campaigns, and in publications such as One Million Climate Jobs and the trade union-backed New Economics Foundation report on the right to retraining and redeployment. By turning these lines of thinking into practical plans, we hope to protect the livelihoods of PCS members, and all workers, in the local region, whatever lies ahead.

Download and read the report.

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