General election 2019

The general election on 12 December is far more than a Brexit election. For PCS members it is particularly important – the outcome will affect your working lives for many years to come.

The decision of members as individuals on who to vote for is a personal one. As a union, we have agreed at our annual delegate conference that a Westminster government under the current anti-austerity leadership of Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell must be in the interests of PCS members.

We have persuaded Labour, among other things, to return to national pay bargaining in the civil service and related bodies, to end the public sector pay cap and introduce £10 an hour living wage, to make radical social security reforms with 5,000 extra jobs in the DWP, and introduce a new fair taxation system with investment in HMRC resources.

Therefore, your elected national executive committee took the decision to recommend a vote for Labour in all seats in England and Wales.

The detailed reasons for this decision are outlined in a booklet  copies of which are available from all PCS offices.

There is a Wales specific boolket, a bilingual version of which is available to download, and printed copies are available in English and Welsh from the Cardifff office. 

There is also a bilingual leaflet, Wales-specific leaflet available to download, which is also available in print from the Cardiff office. 

We will mount a “Get the Tories out” campaign in Scotland, whereby we make clear our union’s position on the necessity of a Corbyn-led UK government and call on members to consider support for the candidate most likely to bring this about. For members in Scotland we have issued a leaflet copies of which are available from the Glasgow office.

For our members in Northern Ireland we will write to the leaders of the main parties asking for their response to PCS policy on key industrial issues.

Guidance has been issued to branches about how PCS members can take part in the election campaign, particularly those working as civil servants.

40 constituencies in England and Wales have been approved as target seats where PCS either has substantial numbers of members or a key opportunity to influence the result in a marginal seat. We will issue more information to members in these constituencies to supplement the national messages. This will include a drive to ensure that all members are registered to vote.

We strongly urge members to read the booklet and leaflets, and to watch this short video message from the general secretary.

Important deadlineregister to vote and apply for a postal vote by 26 November.

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