General secretary election 2019

General secretaries of trade unions are required by law to be subject to election after no more than five years. The election ran from 7 November until noon on 12 December.

By law this election was by postal ballot, so once you receive your ballot paper cast your vote and return it in the pre-paid envelope in your ballot pack.

The general secretary position is a highly influential one, and will be the person leading the negotiations on your pay, pensions, and terms and conditions. The more of us that vote in this election, the stronger the mandate the winning candidate will have.

The PCS national executive committee decided to hold an election according to this timetable:

Monday, 2 September

Call for nominations

Monday, 14 October at 5pm

Deadline for receipt of completed nominations

Monday, 21 October at 5pm

Deadline for acceptance and election addresses

Thursday, 7 November

Ballot opens   

Thursday, 12 December at noon

Ballot closes.

Election regulations and nomination forms were issued on the appropriate date in September. The election process, determined by the NEC, states that for a candidate to run in the election they must have nominations from at least 15 PCS branches.

Nominations from branches had to follow agreement by a branch general meeting called by the branch executive committee in accordance with the union’s rules. So branches had to make arrangements for this meeting and notify members accordingly.

The independent scrutineers, Electoral Reform Services, have notified the PCS president of the withdrawal of a branch nomination that does not comply with the union's rules. 

Read the revised branch nominations report published on 24 October, 2019.

General secretary election briefing

Election regulations

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