Get calling as Super Saturday pay campaign goes live

22 Mar 2019

Thanks to all those PCS members and reps who have volunteered to make calls to members about the PCS postal pay ballot this weekend and beyond – read our step-by-guide to registering and calling – and remember it’s not too late to sign up and get involved.

Calling all our members in the ballot to remind them to vote is a vital element in winning the pay ballot.  We’re only able to do this because of your support and hundreds of you have already volunteered to get involved.

If you haven’t yet registered you can do so quickly and easily online and you’ll soon be able to make calls.

You can start making calls at any time from 10am tomorrow (23) until 8pm, from 11am on Sunday (24) until 6pm and during the week between 8am and 8.30pm.

Once you have registered as a call agent:

You will have a username and password so you are ready to start making calls.

Step 1: Log on to CallHub here: and enter your username and password. Use Google Chrome as your web browser.

Step 2: When you are ready click join campaign

Step 3: You will then receive a call from 020 7801 2798 to the phone number you have previously saved, and you will be placed in a ‘waiting room’ where you will hear holding music.

Step 4:  Click next call to start making calls.

Step 5:  Finish the call, record the outcome using the buttons on your screen and press save.

Any problems at any time, including over the weekend, email and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Not already regstered as a call agent?

Before you can start making calls you need to have registered as a call agent

Step 1:  Register as a ‘Call Agent’

Register online now.

Step 2:  You will receive an email from CallHub. Check your spam folder if it doesn’t appear. Click the link in that email to set your own password to go with your username account.

Step 3:  Register the phone number you want to call from by clicking on your username in the top right hand corner and select “Settings” from the drop down menu.

Read the full user guide.

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