Get involved with Black History Month

28 Sep 2017

Black History Month starts on Sunday (1 October) and we’re urging PCS members to get involved and support our union by standing up to racism, challenging stereotypes and promoting equality today.

Black History Month is celebrating its 30th anniversary in the UK this month. It is an opportunity for all our members to remember our history and look to the future, joining together to renew our commitment to race equality. Events you attend or organise can provide an informative and interesting experience for all members and give black members an opportunity to raise awareness of their histories and the challenges their communities have faced.

Why support Black History Month?

Black history is often ‘hidden’ – it may have been forgotten about or be absent from history books and the education system. Similarly the role of women, disabled, LGBT and ordinary workers in general is often overlooked in formal history.

How you can get involved

Organise your own event in your branch and workplace by using the resources available on our web page, including photo opp cards.

Check for events in your PCS region / nation

Let us know about your event by emailing - include pictures if you have them, and also send any suggestions or ideas for BHM.

Find out more about BHM on our website and on the BHM UK website.

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