Get trans aware with PCS

10 Aug 2017

PCS is running two-day transgender equality awareness courses for members and reps in Leeds and Cardiff.

As trans people have become more widely known and written about, various terms have developed to highlight similarities and differences. However, individual people will always view themselves, and experience their lives, in a unique way.

The two day course which will cover transgender and wider equality issues is open to all PCS members

What will I learn?

  • The course will help you develop an understanding of the issues faced by trans members of staff
  • It will provide you with an introduction to the legalities
  • It will help reps in representing their members
  • You will consider case studies using departmental examples and guidance.

The course will also provide a useful opportunity to network with other PCS reps and members in the region.

The course dates are:

To book a place contact your PCS regional centre.

Members and reps in other PCS regions should contact their regional centre to enquire about running the course in your area.

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