GMB latest to reject MoJ MEP deal

21 Aug 2018

The pressure is growing on the Ministry of Justice to reopen talks on its “modernising employment proposition” as the GMB becomes the latest union to reject the plans.

It was announced yesterday that GMB members voted overwhelmingly to reject the department’s plans that would cut workers’ terms and conditions and extend their hours. This follows resounding no votes from FDA and Prospect members against the proposals which, if approved by union members, would see the working week increase to 38 hours a week with overtime and sick pay cut.

PCS members are currently voting in a ballot on the proposed deal. Only members of our union can decide if they think it is the right thing to do so if you want to have a say on your future you must join PCS by 5pm tomorrow (22) and vote in our ballot which runs until 2pm on Thursday, 30 August. 

Being a member is the only way to have your say on your future.

There are 2 ways to vote in the ballot, either online if you have registered a personal email address with PCS or by post if you haven’t registered a personal email address.

If you don’t have a registered personal email address you should have received your ballot paper by post and you must return your ballot paper by 5pm on Thursday 23, August.

Vote no

MOJ negotiators have made it clear that these proposed detrimental changes linked to this offer can only take effect with the consent of PCS members. Only members of our union can decide if they think it is the right thing to do. 

If you are eligible to vote it is crucial you take part in the ballot and vote no.  Under the department’s “modernising employment proposition” the working day could finish much later – 8pm is a possibility – and staff could regularly be asked to work Saturdays and bank holidays for no extra money. Their working week would also increase to 38 hours a week with overtime cut and sick pay reduced.

While some staff could receive an average 11% pay rise over 5 years in exchange for having their terms and conditions slashed, 50% of members would receive less than that and in the case of staff forced to go part time, because they are unable to increase their weekly hours, pay will be cut.

Already some members have worked out that they will receive as little as 3p an hour under the proposed pay deal and have told us why they’re voting no in the ballot

If members vote to reject the offer, our union will seek to reopen negotiations with the MoJ on pay.

What you can do

  • Vote no in the ballot
  • Attend a PCS meeting – we are planning to organise members’ meetings at every office in the next month
  • Encourage non-members to join PCS. 

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