Gove asked to explain lack of response to PCS petition

15 Oct 2020

Minister for the Cabinet Office Michael Gove has been called on to explain why his department has failed to respond to the PCS petition for fair pay for UK government workers more than 11 weeks after a response was first requested.

All petitions lodged on the UK parliament and government petition website require a response from government once they reach 10,000 signatures, which our petition did 85 days ago. The standards for responding to e-petitions agreed between the petitions committee and the leader of the House state the government response should be provided no later than 21 days. Once the petition, which has now passed 57,000 signatures, reaches 100,000 signatures it must be considered for a parliamentary debate.

Now MP Catherine McKinnell, chair of the petitions committee, has written to Gove to ask why, despite repeated requests, a response has not been forthcoming.

She wrote yesterday: “Despite repeated requests, the government’s response is now over eight weeks late. This is clearly not acceptable. Petitioners are entitled to a response from the government when their petition receives over 10,000 signatures, and this should be provided in a timely fashion.”

She called on him to provide the government’s response to our petition by tomorrow (16 October) so it can be considered at the next meeting of the petitions committee.

Read PCS President Fran Heathcote’s blog about why everyone needs to sign and share the petition so it is debated in parliament.   

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