Heathrow strike suspended due to concessions

30 Mar 2021

Members have voted to enter into further negotiations with the employer to discuss the proposals made for a revised roster

Around 450 members of PCS working on immigration passport control at Heathrow Airport have been in dispute with the department following the implementation of a new roster on 6 January this year.

We balloted for industrial action and members delivered a resounding mandate. Members have been working to rule since 24 March and strike action was planned to take place from Thursday 1 April.

However, following recent positive talks with the employer and a number of concessions made formally to PCS we have taken the decision to suspend the action; but PCS is clear that if negotiations fail we may have no option but to consider returning to the action.


On Friday (26) afternoon we received a letter from the Border Force chief operating officer suggesting that Border Force and the trade unions work together to develop options for a new roster which will then be put to members.

Two well-attended members’ meetings voted to suspend strike action to allow negotiations to take place around developing a new roster that will include flexibilities, specifically unlimited head-to-head swaps, the facility for staff to request shifts and the removal of the current 0000hrs shift start.

Further members’ meetings will be held as negotiations progress.

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