Help celebrate LGBT History Month

01 Feb 2018

The theme for this year’s LGBT History Month in February is ‘Geography: Mapping the World’, looking at the differences in LGBT equality across the globe.

Around the world there have been many successes in advancing the LGBT equality agenda, such as an increase in the number of countries where same sex marriage is now legal.  However for some, identifying as being LGBT remains not only a crime but a threat to their very lives.

PCS recognises that international solidarity and organising with local campaigners remains a vital tool to challenge such injustice.

What we do

PCS represents members in the UK but also members working overseas, ensuring that we take appropriate measures to protect members around the world.

Our union also organises alongside international organisations on issues including human rights.

Visit the PCS International pages for more details.

The facts

  • Over 70 countries around the world criminalise their LGBT citizens on the basis of sexual orientation and/or gender identity
  • Of those countries, around half (36) are current members of the Commonwealth of Nations
  • Punishments range from imprisonment (including life sentencing) to the death penalty
  • The UK is currently ranked 3rd in Europe for LGBT equality* after Malta and Norway (1st and 2nd respectively).
  • Azerbaijan, Russia and Armenia are ranked as the worst three countries for LGBT equality in Europe.

*Based on 2017 ILGA-Europe Report

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