Help save Public Lending Right Stockton

28 Jun 2017

PCS has raised concerns that plans to relocate the Public Lending Right system, which gives UK authors a legal right to receive payment for the loans of their books by public libraries, will further contribute to job losses in Stockton-on-Tees, an area already suffering with high unemployment.

A public consultation exercise is underway to relocate the PLR, an arm of the British Library, from Stockton to Boston Spa by 2020.

Under the PLR system, payment is made from government funds to authors, illustrators and other contributors whose books are borrowed from public libraries. More than 22,000 writers, illustrators, photographers, translators and editors claim payments each year.

We are opposed to the move and have published a response to the public consultation exercise, highlighting the fact that the move could potentially remove skills from this service. We have written to Karen Bradley, secretary of state for culture, media and sport to intervene and put a halt to these plans.

PCS rep Michael Docherty said: “We are concerned these unnecessary changes could affect the long-term viability of this service. With a 49% increase in new authors registering and a need for local jobs, we cannot see the need for this.”

What you can do

  • Read the PCS briefing paper  
  • Support the PCS submission to the public consultation and ask your local MP, local libraries campaign or other supportive organisations to have their say
  • If you have views on the plans for the service, email the British Library PLR Review team at by Friday, 28 July.  



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