HMP Birmingham returns to the public sector

02 Apr 2019

PCS welcomes the announcement late on Monday (1 April) that HMP Birmingham will be returned to the public sector

This decision is long overdue. It became apparent to staff and unions almost immediately after G4S were awarded the contract in 2011 that they would struggle to fulfil its obligations.

The award of HMP Birmingham to G4S was truly a cross-party disaster. The market testing of the jail brought in by the last Labour government in 2009 was eventually awarded to G4S by the Tory/Lib Dem coalition in 2011. 

The culmination of this disastrous act was in December 2016 when a huge riot broke out at the prison.

In 2018, it was announced that HMPPS would take temporary control, this was later extended and has now been made permanent. 

We welcome the commitment from shadow justice secretary Richard Burgon that 'a future Labour government will put an end to the scandal of our prisons being run for private profit'.

We call on the government to ensure that the new proposed prisons on the sites of HMP Wellingborough and Glen Parva are run by the public sector.

PCS HMPPS Branch demands a moratorium on all further prison and justice privatisation until a full, independent inquiry has been conducted into the cost, viability and morality of such practices. PCS HMPPS Branch has since our foundation campaigned for such a review and we will step up our efforts to campaign for this with MPs, justice campaign groups and the public.

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