HMRC announces security privatisation plans

01 Dec 2017

HMRC has announced that it will seek a ‘specialist supplier’ to provide security, as it moves to a mixture of regional centres, specialist and transitional sites under the controversial Building our Future programme.

PCS has argued that the security work should be covered by the tried and tested in-house workforce, which is ideally placed to continue to provide a secure and effective service. Instead HMRC seems intent on using a supplier that is likely to put its profit margin ahead of the safety and security of our members and the public.

HMRC has tried to keep its plans low-key by refusing to consult the tens of thousands of staff affected by this proposal. The only information that has been made generally available has been as a result of PCS activity. The announcement issued to staff repeatedly refers to this essential work as simply “access control” – presumably in an effort to downplay its importance.

PCS has also managed to exert pressure on management to concede that an in-house bid must also be considered.

PCS Revenue and Customs group secretary, Martin Kelsey said:

“The fact that HMRC is describing something as vital as the security of tens of thousands of its staff as merely “access control”, says all you need to know about their concern for our members’ safety.

PCS members in HMRC will take every opportunity to make their views known, and to help to get this rash and risky decision overturned.”

The PCS campaign for a fully in-house security guarding service has already received support from branches within the group, and the union will now be taking the campaign out to the wider membership and to parliament.

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