HMRC members overwhelmingly back pay and contract reform deal

26 Feb 2021

PCS members in HMRC have voted overwhelmingly to support the pay and contract reform offer, negotiated by PCS in the department, with a massive ballot turnout in support of the 3-year deal which is worth an average 13%.

The result was:

Eligible to vote:                33,638

Votes cast:                        27,720

Ballot turnout:                 82.4%

To accept the offer:         79.6%

To reject the offer:           20.4%


The offer

The offer is a multi-year deal, which includes:

  • 13% average increases over 3 years, with higher increases for some of the lowest-paid in the department
  • Significant progression through the various pay ranges for all staff, with around half the workforce moving to new, enhanced range maxima in the lifetime of the deal
  • The establishment of a new, contractual flexible working hours (FWH) scheme covering staff from AA-Grade 6, and applicable to the overwhelming majority of roles in the department - including telephony staff
  • Harmonising annual leave at a maximum of 30 days, with a higher starting Leave for new entrants and faster accrual rates
  • Harmonising the requirement for members in HMRC’s Customer Services Group being required to work evenings and weekends; with staff now working a maximum of 6 Saturdays per year and one evening per week until 8pm. Members’ personal circumstances to be fully considered when being asked to work evenings and weekends
  • Members can work a minimum of 2 days a week from home (including when working an evening or a Saturday), providing their role and home circumstances allow. Lines of business have the discretion to agree more than two days a week
  • Members able to work from home for up to 5 days a week as a redundancy mitigation measure
  • The probation period halved to 6 months.

PCS members overwhelmingly vote ‘YES’

Lorna Merry, PCS Revenue and Customs Group President said:

“This is a tremendous result; and with such a fantastic turnout, it constitutes the largest membership engagement in a group ballot in the Union’s history, leaving absolutely no doubt about our members’ views.

Historically, in staff surveys, HMRC has not scored highly in staff engagement terms; but these meaningful negotiations and this remarkable ballot result has reminded us (if we needed reminding), that real collective bargaining with recognised trade unions, reaching an agreement, and then the members of those unions making their voice heard; is the best way of keeping the workforce fully engaged in achieving change.”

What happens next?

Now members have overwhelmingly supported the work done by the PCS negotiators, we will immediately begin the equally important process of engaging with the employer to implement the agreed award and changes.

The 3% pay award for 2020 will now be implemented in March pay, backdated to June 2020. The 5% pay award for 2021 is scheduled for payment three months later in June 2021, with the final 5% award payable in June 2022.

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