HMRC Peterlee office given two extra years

14 Dec 2018

PCS vows to continue to oppose all tax office closures and stop job losses

Union activists in HMRC celebrated yesterday after securing the Peterlee office in County Durham for another 2 years despite threats of closure. 

The government have embarked on an office closure programme which will centralise the service into regional hubs, depriving local areas of jobs and a decent service to the public. 

Peterlee is now expected to be kept open until 2022-23 when it was expected to originally close 2020-21.

However there was bad news for the Stockton office which is still scheduled to close as early as next year. 

Over a 1,000 jobs are at stake across both sites with the union fighting tooth and nail to prevent job losses in a very deprived part of the country. 

PCS has consistently opposed the regionalisation programme and believes closing offices in local communities will mean many will not be able to relocate and ultimately lose their jobs. 



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