Hundreds more join PCS as DVLA members walk out again over Covid safety

04 May 2021

PCS membership in the DVLA branch is now over 3,500. Many more strike fund donations and messages of support have been coming in - see how you can help members win this dispute.

Early reports are that the first of four days of action in the second week of walkouts at the DVLA has been better supported than the first.

PCS membership in the DVLA has now risen beyond 3,500, with new members joining to be part of the action and the campaign. In the last week close to a hundred more have joined the union.

The campaign continues to gain support not just from those that work at DVLA, but from a high number of organisations - unions and other campaign groups. Unite has agreed to donate £20,000 to the strike fund, Neath Labour party a further £500.

At today’s strike rally, 3 MPs offered their support in person - Stephen Kinnock, John McDonnell, and Christina Rees. On Friday (7 May) a further 6 MPs, and Matt Wrack, the Fire Brigades Union general secretary, will speak at the second strike rally.

DVLA management continues to do everything it can to undermine the strike, from altering wages to a new low today of offering £5 a day - from public funds - to those going to work as an incentive.

The DVLA branch has said that “our resolve will not be broken, and the support of the members, and those new joiners, continue to inspire our determination and confidence”.

How you can help

  • Complete the e-action to secretary of state Grant Shapps to urge him to intervene
  • Donate to the strike fund. Account name: Fighting Fund Levy, A/C No: 20331490, sort code: 60-83-01, use reference: DVLA
  • Set up a direct debit to make regular donations to the strike fund.
  • Send a message of solidarity to

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