Interserve strikers demand an end to second class treatment at the FCO

07 Nov 2019

Outsourced facilities management workers at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in London began their sixth period of strike action today (7)

Following overwhelming support in the recent re-ballot, with an amazing 83% turnout and 100% support for strike action, PCS members employed by Interserve started their sixth period of industrial action today.

More than 30 strikers attended picket lines, which attracted support from the FCO civil servants who are shocked that Interserve are not willing to recognise PCS. Local PCS reps and local Labour party activists attended, and messages of support have been received from union branches all over the country.

With the reduction in working hours for the cleaning staff, which happened immediately following a week of strike action, hygiene and cleanliness levels have dropped. Some areas of the office have vermin, with mice seen running in corridors.

The strike continues tomorrow (8), and on 11 and 12 November.

You can show your support by:

  • Completing the e-action, which generates a letter to the Foreign Secretary asking for his intervention in this debacle. Government ministers are responsible for how staff are treated on their premises, whether directly employed by the civil service or not.
  • Visiting the workers on picket lines at the FCO on 8 and 12 November, from 7.30am – 11am, King Charles Street, London
  • Following the branch Twitter account @pcsfco and regional account @pcsl_se for further updates.

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