Join 29 June payday protests – tell us you’ve voted

22 Jun 2018

With a week to go until our next day of payday activities on 29 June it is crucial all PCS members are getting involved and getting the vote out in our pay ballot.

Our pay ballot which started on Monday aims to force the government into paying our members in the civil service and related grades a fully-funded 5% pay rise. As soon as you get your ballot paper vote yes, put it in the pre-paid envelope and return it to the independent scrutineers. Once you’ve voted urge your colleagues to vote yes, too.

We’re encouraging members to use the I’ve voted yes photo opp cards to pose for photos, post them on social media and email them to

Lots of members have also been taking selfies and recording video of them posting their ballots and sharing them on social media.

Another key task is for all members to complete our online I voted web form.

You don’t have to tell us how you’ve voted, just that you have participated.

The information is stored confidentially and we only ask for your membership/NI number so that we don’t send you reminders to vote.

If you don’t tell us you’ve voted, we will send you reminders by email and by phone.

The new trade union laws mean that any member who doesn’t vote is in effect counted as voting no, so it’s really important that you take part.

Once you've recorded your vote, please share the page on social media to let others know.

Raise the profile

To help raise the profile of the day we’d also like you to invite your MP to come along to your protest and show their support for our strike ballot and pay claim by posing for an I’ve voted yes selfie. Ask your rep, branch or PCS regional centre for the I’ve voted yes materials, if you don’t have any.

Why not plan a lunchtime trip to your nearest post box to send off your completed ballot papers? This handy website tells you where to find your nearest post box.

We need all reps, members and associate and retired members to help to get the vote out so we smash the government’s 50% legal ballot turnout threshold.

We are currently in pay talks with the Cabinet Office. A decisive yes vote will strengthen our hand in the talks and give negotiators a clear mandate from members. At our latest pay meeting the government refused to fund more than a 1% pay increase this year, with anything higher paid for by even more cuts.

Look out for your paper

We’re also urging members to get more involved in PCS by signing up colleagues who aren’t in the union – if they join before noon on 13 July they can vote in the ballot – and also registering to become a PCS Advocate.

Our members deserve a fair pay rise to make up for years of pay restraint. The question they will be asked in the postal ballot is: are you prepared to take part in strike action?

This is the time to step up our activity in the workplace. Let’s win the ballot and show the government we mean business.

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