Join PCS pension justice campaign protests

02 Mar 2020

PCS is holding pension justice protests on Budget Day as part of our campaign to force the government to act to end pensions injustice.

The government is robbing our members of 2% every month by making them pay more for their pension than the independent valuation says that they should.

We have told the government to cut pension contributions immediately by 2% and guarantee that moving forward they will implement the legal case won by the Fire Brigades Union to improve everybody’s pensions.

We are serious about wanting pension justice and want our members to say that to the government.

Get active

Whenever they can we want members to protest outside their workplaces, on Budget Day and payday, as an effective way of showing their anger about the pension robbery.

To join the protests, use the photo cards available from your local PCS office and send your photos to and help us flood social media with our messages to the government by using the hashtag #PCSpensionjustice

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