Join the fight for equality to mark 20th anniversary of Section 28 repeal

30 Jan 2020

LGBT+ History Month takes place every February to remember the struggles of the LGBT+ community and celebrate achievements in the ongoing fight for true equality.

This year marks 20 years of the first repeal of Section 28, Tory legislation which banned the “promotion” of LGBT+ issues and “the teaching of the acceptability of homosexuality”, condemning young LGBT+ people to over two decades of unchallenged bullying and isolation.

From Section 28 to inclusive education

• 1988 – Following media-fuelled LGBT+ phobia, the Thatcher government introduces Section 28

• 2000 – Scottish Government votes 99-17 to repeal Section 28 in Scotland

• 2003 – Section 28 is successfully repealed in England and Wales, having been defeated in 2000

• 2018 – Scotland becomes first country in the world to embed LGBT+ inclusive education in school curriculum

• 2019 – House of Commons passes new, mandatory, relationships and sex education curriculum to include teaching of LGBT+ issues.

Inclusive education benefits all

Over 30 years since Section 28 was introduced, there are those who maintain that issues, such as LGBT+ equality, have no place in schools, risking the health and safety of young LGBT+ people. Inclusive education will benefit everyone, helping to create a more inclusive society, including in our workplaces, as young people transition from education into the workplace and beyond.

LGBT+ equality in PCS

Our union opposes all forms of LGBT+ hate and discrimination and encourages all LGBT+ members and reps, and allies, to get involved to organise and campaign for LGBT+ equality.

Educate for equality

PCS runs a series of one-day training seminars in each region of the union each year, bringing members and reps together across all of the networks to discuss improving participation in the union’s equality structure. The days also includes workshops on a variety of subjects.

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How can I get involved?

• Arrange an event in your branch/workplace – resources are available from the PCS equality department, email

• Use the history month photo opp cards to show your support via social media using #pcslgbthm

Contact your regional PCS hub for details of events in your area, or to help arrange one

Join Proud, PCS’ LGBT+ Members’ Group

• Not already a member? Join PCS, the campaigning union today.

For more information, contact Proud at  All contact is in confidence.

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