Labour Party manifesto condemns “devastating” EHRC cuts

17 May 2017

The devastating cuts to the Equality and Human Rights Commission have been highlighted in the Labour election manifesto as PCS members working for the Commission in Glasgow take their third in a five-day run of strike action over budget cuts and sackings.

PCS members working at the EHRC are currently involved in a rolling programme of five-day strikes at all the major sites.  Action began in Glasgow on Monday, 15 May, with an excellent turn-out and much support on the picket line, which is at 151 West George Street, G2 2JJ from 8-10am each morning.  

Action will continue over the next three weeks:

London 22 May - 25 May

Cardiff 29 May - 2 June

Manchester 5 June - 9 June

After the break-down of talks at ACAS and the employer’s apparently intransigent stance over reinstating the sacked staff, the direct referencing of the EHRC in the Labour Party manifesto is welcome.

It says:

“Devastating cuts to the Equality and Human Rights Commission by the Conservatives reveal their real attitude, beyond the rhetoric, to issues of equality and discrimination. These cuts have been made amid the rise in hate crime recorded by the police in the last year.

“A Labour government will enhance the powers and functions of this commission, making it truly independent, to ensure it can support ordinary working people to effectively challenge any discrimination they may face. A Labour government will reinstate the public sector equality duties and seek to extend them to the private sector, ensuring all citizens benefit from this Labour legislation.”

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