Launch of new PCS Organising App

17 Jul 2019

We are launching a new organising app for PCS branches building on the success of our branch app which was used by many reps during the national pay ballot earlier this year.

The branch app helped reps to map which members had been spoken to about the ballot and record how they said they had voted. It proved popular with branches, many of whom shared their results on social media.

The new organising app will be a permanent feature of organising work in PCS branches. It will allow branches to update member details, identify new advocates, identify new joiners and, as we develop the app further, members who are leaving or lapsing from our union, as well as alert us to members who need to be moved from one branch to another, or within branches. The app’s functionality will be updated and improved as we roll it out and branches start using it and we are keen to hear from branches how they think it can be improved.

Who can use it?

All branches can use the app. The new app will be made available to all branches who used it, or signed up to use it, during the last national pay ballot and a link will be emailed to branch secretaries next week. Branches who weren’t in the pay ballot will be contacted separately to make arrangements for the app to be sent to their branch.

We will develop detailed sets of guidance and advice for using the new app. Branches can use the app at a pace that suits their current level of organisational capacity and ability, our organising team will be able to monitor who’s using it.

Using the app now will mean that all branches have at least had some exposure to and practice with it ahead of any national pay ballot being called. 

If your branch is interested in using the app, email

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