Learn about neurodiversity courses with PCS – dates for autumn

07 Aug 2017

There are new dates for PCS reps and members in Liverpool, Glasgow and Cardiff for the neurodiversity course which teaches reps and members how to prevent discrimination in the workplace against workers who are autistic, dyslexic or otherwise neurodivergent.

The neurodiversity in the workplace course, which also teaches how our union can fight for equality, is tutored by Janine Booth. It was launched across the union earlier this year and has proved very popular.

What will I learn?

Janine’s approach uses the social model, which says that while many people have impairments or differences, their disability is caused by society putting barriers in the way of their equal and independent participation in society.

The course focuses on identifying barriers and then removing them, looking at several case studies of workers who experienced discrimination.

Participants work together to create a list of changes that workplaces could make in order to be more accessible to workers who are neurodivergent, as well as adjustments that could be made for individuals.

You will learn what the law says about discrimination and how we can use it.

We are committed to campaigning as a union for a better world, one that embraces all of our neurodiversity. We know the current austerity agenda is leading to cuts in support where it’s needed. Opportunities need to be widened, and support strengthened.

The next course dates are:

To book a place contact your PCS regional centre.

Members and reps in other PCS regions should contact their regional centre to enquire about upcoming courses.

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