Look at your pay slip then back PCS pay campaign

30 Jun 2020

Today is payday for the civil service, a monthly reminder for many that despite delivering essential services during the pandemic that their pay has stagnated for over a decade. That’s why this week we're launching our petition for fair pay.

What we’ve seen during the pandemic is what we’ve known for many years – PCS members deliver every day, and in the pandemic they’ve done that even more than ever before.

They’re keeping our prisons running, our justice system running, our borders open and secure, they’re dealing with 2.6 millions claims to Universal Credit, delivering the job retention scheme, keeping our road and transport network open and at the heart of government itself it is the work our members do that keeps government running.

Our members do that in so many ways; from frontline delivery to policy support, to ensuring that offices are kept clean and secure and that people are fed in our canteens.

PCS General Secretary Mark Serwotka said: “Quite rightly in recent months we’ve seen this work attract praise. Boris Johnson and other ministers lauding the work the government workers have done. But now is not the time for warm words, now is the time for the government to deliver a fair pay rise, because warm words do not pay the bills.

“Only a decent pay rise will ensure our members do not have to worry about the cost of living. We deliver every day for government, now is the time for the government to deliver fair pay to our members.

“Let’s make sure this is the year it’s not just warm words that we get, it’s actually a proper pay rise.”

Watch and share our petition launch video


Boris Johnson has already said he wants UK government workers to have another pay cut this year, by limiting pay rises disgracefully to below 2.5% – the 11th consecutive year of cuts in real terms.

We’re demanding the government gives those workers a 10% pay rise, which is only half the money they have lost in the last decade.

We’re asking PCS members do 5 things to be part of our campaign to force the government to deliver fair pay:

  1. Sign our petition, which is due to go live later this week on the UK government and parliament website.    
  2. Share our petition on social media.
  3. Ask a work colleague to sign the petition. The more of us who sign it the stronger we are.
  4. Get involved in PCS, if you’re not already
  5. Ask non-members in your workplace to join PCS. The more of us who are in the union, the more chance we’ve got of being successful.

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