Loving unions at Canary Wharf

19 Feb 2019

Members at the civil service hub at Canary Wharf celebrated Heart Unions Week to raise the union’s profile and promote the pay campaign.

Heart Unions Week ran from 11 to 17 February and is an initiative organised by the TUC that focuses on the good work that unions do, and shows how unions offer everyone a voice at work.

The civil service hub at London’s Canary Wharf hosts the offices of HMRC, Ofgem, the Pensions Ombudsman, Ministry of Justice, Security Industry Authority (part of the Home Office) and the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency.

PCS members joined together on Valentine’s Day to host a stall themed with flowers and love hearts to talk to members and non-members about the PCS pay campaign, show the benefits of union membership and to sign-up new members.

Moshe Kinshuck, branch organiser for Ofgem said, “Heart Unions Week is such a great idea and what better day than Valentine’s Day to talk about something as important as trade unions. We had great success with a stall in the canteen at the Canary Wharf civil service hub. Our aim was to raise the profile of the trade unions and PCS. We talked to lots of new young members of staff working for various employers in the hub about all the victories the unions have won. Young people are the future of our movement so this was an opportunity to take our message to them.

Anne Grier, branch learning co-ordinator for the HMRC Canary Wharf branch said, “Our event during Heart Unions Week was important because it gave members a chance to learn about the diversity of activities and benefits that the union offers, for example free learning opportunities.”

Canary Wharf's Heart Unions event was part of PCS's Festival of Democracy at the hub.

See the PCS website for more details of our pay campaign and for events and learning opportunities in your region.

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