Mark Serwotka: let’s achieve pay justice this year

12 Apr 2018

PCS members must be ready to take action on pay to put pressure on the government as we await their response to our pay claim.

We’re calling on PCS members and supporters from across the UK to commit to joining us and thousands of others from across the union movement as we join the TUC’s march in London on 12 May to call for a fully-funded, above inflation pay rise for all civil servants.

Our general secretary Mark Serwotka met with union leaders from across the public sector at the TUC in London on Tuesday (10 April) to discuss the question of pay. He said that at that meeting it became clear that many of those unions, particularly those in health and local government have received pay offers and members are being balloted on whether those offers are acceptable.

“That is in sharp contrast to what has happened for PCS members in public bodies and in the UK’s civil service,” he said.

“It took many weeks of pressure and campaigning to get the government to accept that they even have to meet us but they did this just before Easter.”   

At the meeting with the Cabinet Office we submitted our pay claim for:

  • a fully-funded 5% or £1,200 pay rise
  • a Living Wage of £10 an hour
  • pay equality across the civil service and a common pay and grading structure.

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Response on pay

We also articulated why our members need an above-inflation pay rise this year. As a result the government listened very carefully to what we had to say and they’ve undertaken to write to us by mid-April with their response to that pay claim.

Mark said: “We’re hoping that response is positive and that we will have a series of national negotiations on the question of pay. But of course it may not be positive, so our job as a union now is to ensure that we do everything we can to be ready, ballot for industrial action if we have to, to put pressure on the government.”

Mark stressed the need for all members to get involved in our union, attend pay protests at the end of April and help their branch get ready for a statutory ballot on pay if the government fails to meet our demands.

He added: “If everyone else is getting pay offers, it’s about time the government realised they can’t treat their own workforce with contempt. If other employers have made cases to the Treasury for extra funding, it’s time the civil service did that on behalf of hard-working civil servants. Let’s hope they talk, let’s hope they agree to our pay claim but if not, let’s be ready to campaign and to ballot to achieve pay justice this year.”

Find out more about the PCS pay campaign and register for transport to go to the 12 May march.

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