Members encouraged to observe Trans Day of Remembrance

02 Nov 2018

On 20 November, join international tributes to victims of transphobic hate and violence.

Trans Day of Remembrance (TDoR) takes place on 20 November each year to reflect and remember the victims of transphobic hate and violence which continues to take place around the world today.

Over the past ten years more than 100 murders of trans people have been recorded across Europe alone, with thousands more across the globe. It’s likely that many further cases remain unreported due to misgendering and continued lack of gender recognition in many countries.

Trans Equality in PCS

PCS believes that everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of gender and/or gender identity. We encourage all members to report any transphobic, or any other form of, hate or discrimination wherever they observe it.

Proud, PCS’s LGBT+ members group, have a dedicated trans members’ rep as part of their national committee to ensure the voice of trans members in PCS are heard as part of any work that we do on behalf of our members.

Proud and PCS equality department have produced a new Trans Day of Remembrance leaflet which members are encouraged to use in their workplace to help highlight TDoR and the issues facing the Trans community.

Get involved

Across the UK many towns and cities host events as part of the Trans Day of Remembrance which members may wish to attend in order to show their solidarity with PCS’s trans members and the wider community.

What else you can do

  • Report any transphobic language or behaviour wherever you see it to your manager, local rep or to the police
  • Organise an event in your branch/workplace – resources available from PCS equality department, email
  • Join Proud, PCS’ LGBT+ members’ group. It is open to to all PCS members, whether you identify as LGBT+ or as an ally
  • Not already a member? Join PCS, the campaigning union today.
  • Sign up for a PCS Trans Awareness course in your region.

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