Ministers show disregard for hard work of government workers

16 Sep 2020

The Westminster government is now eight weeks overdue with its reply to the PCS petition calling for fair pay for UK government.

Launched in July our petition said that during the pandemic government workers have delivered vital public services and kept our country safe and secure. And after ten years in which the real value of they pay has fallen, many face hardship. So the government must start to restore the real value of their pay with a 10% increase in 2020.

The petition had a phenomenal response, reaching 10,000 signatures in less than 3 days, which means the government is obliged to reply, yet 56 days no one from the government has bothered to answer.

The petition has now gained more than 51,000 signatures, but we need members and supporters to keep on signing and sharing to get us to 100,000 to force a parliamentary debate. Remember to use the petition’s share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and email.

Activity checklist

We’re asking PCS members do 6 things to be part of our campaign to force the government to deliver fair pay:

  1. Sign our petition, on the UK government and parliament petitions website. 
  2. Share our petition on social media.
  3. Ask a work colleague to sign the petition. The more of us who sign it the stronger we are.
  4. Get involved in PCS, if you’re not already
  5. Ask non-members in your workplace to join PCS. The more of us who are in the union, the more chance we’ve got of being successful.
  6. Tell us how you've delivered during lockdown, email 

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