MOJ MEP going down badly with PCS members

18 Aug 2018

PCS members in the Ministry of Justice are continuing to share with us why they think the department’s “modernising employment proposition”  which aims to increase their working week, cut overtime cut and reduce their sick pay reduced is a bad deal for them.

PCS is running a ballot until 2pm on 30 August on the proposals, which could mean the working day finishing much later – 8pm is a possibility – and staff regularly being asked to work Saturdays and bank holidays for no extra money.

While some staff could receive an average 11% pay rise over 5 years in exchange for having their terms and conditions slashed, 50% of members would receive less than that and in the case of staff forced to go part time, because they are unable to increase their weekly hours, pay will be cut.

Already some members have worked out that they will receive as little as 3p an hour under the proposed pay deal.

Conditions eroded

Emma, an administration officer at a magistrates’ court, feels insulted by the offer.

“The fact that they thought we would be “blinded” by numbers is an absolute insult,” she said. “The fact that those numbers are atrocious as well as everything else they want to take from us, well then this is where we stand together and fight.”

Becky is less than impressed by the proposals.

“Over 5 years my hourly rate will have risen by – drum roll – 90p. And there will still be people doing exactly the same job as me, often for less time, on much more. So it’s a no.”

For Callum there is only one way to vote on the proposals.

“I know full well how I’ll be voting – no. A 2.2% average pay increase for working 2.7% more hours per week. That’s before you look at the conditions being eroded away,” he said.

Helen is equally resolute.

“Even though my monthly pay would increase mine is definitely a no vote,” she said.

Get in touch

Let us know your personal circumstances and:

  • What effect a longer working week will have on you
  • If you will be forced to work part time
  • What will the lack of overtime pay do to our household budget
  • What impact working Saturdays and bank holidays would have on you and your family?


With your consent we may use some of your submissions for quotes or case studies in support of our ballot. We will store your information securely and will only use it for the purposes of this campaign. 


If you have registered a personal email address with PCS you will be sent instructions about how to vote online, which you can do until 2pm on 30 August. If you don’t have a registered personal email address you will receive your ballot paper by post and you must return your ballot paper by Tuesday 23, August.

If you join PCS by 5pm on 22 August you will be able to vote in this ballot if you register a personal email address. Being a member is the only way to have your say on your future.

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