Motions Online

11 Mar 2019

PCS is investigating problems with submitting motions and putting in place procedures to ensure correctly submitted motions will be included in conference agendas.

A problem was encountered by some branches submitting motions to ADC and to group conferences.

These have mainly involved the non-receipt or late receipt of the system generated emails directed to the confirming officer. So that correctly submitted motions will not be timed out, all motions received by the deadline will be circulated to the appropriate standing orders committee. Branches will be contacted directly by PCS staff to carry out any necessary checks over the next few days.

Some branch officers using motions online have been understandably very concerned that their motions may not have been received and we are investigating the cause of the problems. The outcome of this investigation will be reported back. 

As PCS staff are also currently very busy preparing for the pay ballot, please do all you can to help when they contact you so that we can ensure that the rest of the conference preparations run smoothly.

Please be assured that any problems with motions online will not result in correctly submitted motions being excluded from the conference agendas.


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