National election results

09 May 2019

The national executive committee and assistant general secretary elections opened on 16 April and closed on 9 May. ERS, the independent scrutineers, have informed us that the NEC results will be available lunchtime tomorrow, 10 May.

The AGS election result has been received from the scrutineers.

General Secretary Mark Serwotka said:

“Congratulations to John Moloney on being elected as the PCS AGS. I look forward to working with John in meeting the many challenges facing PCS members in the years ahead.

Commiserations to the unsuccessful candidates, Chris Baugh and Lynn Henderson. Chris has served the union as AGS for 15 years and made a significant contribution to PCS in that time, and previously as an activist in the union. I wish him well for the future.

I am sure that Lynn would have been an excellent AGS and it was very welcome to have a woman candidate for the first time in a PCS senior full time officer election. I look forward to continuing to work with Lynn”.

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