NEC election addresses now online

20 Apr 2017

Elections for the PCS national executive committee, our union's governing body, have now opened and you can read the candidates' election addresses online now.

Each year, PCS members vote to elect the NEC, which is responsible for running our union in line with the policies established by members through national annual delegate conferences and membership ballots. It is important that members vote in these elections. 

The booklet, which is online on our NEC elections page and also being posted out to all eligible members, contains election addresses of candidates standing for:

  • president
  • deputy president
  • vice president, and; 
  • NEC ordinary member seats. 

Please read the addresses to help you decide which candidates would provide the most effective leadership for our union. Members are entitled to the following votes:

  • president – 1 vote.
  • deputy and vice presidents – 4 votes, the candidate securing the highest number of votes shall be elected deputy president and the 3 candidates securing the next highest number of votes shall be elected vice presidents. It is intended that each of these shall be employed by a different employer.
  • ordinary member seats – 30 votes, at least two seats are intended to be filled by black members and no more than 8 seats are to be filled by candidates from the same employer.

The number of branch nominations received for each candidate is listed with each election address.

Return your completed ballot paper in the envelope provided as soon as you can.

It must be received by the independent scrutineers no later than noon on 11 May. Ballot papers received after this date will not be included in the count of votes.

If you've not received your NEC ballot paper by 28 April, request a replacement paper by emailing

The email must contain your membership number along with your ballot address, including postcode. This is to enable us to check your details recorded on our membership database Commix and update as required before issuing a replacement. Alternatively you can call balloting on 020 7801 2810 with your membership number to hand. The cut-off date for replacement requests is 5pm on Friday, 5 May.

Take up your democratic right to vote in these elections. It’s your union, have your say in who runs it.

Read more about PCS conference and elections.

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