NEC sends solidarity to striking DVSA members

05 Dec 2017

Our National Executive Committee met today and agreed a message of solidarity to our members in the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency who are taking strike action over safety concerns and imposed changes to their terms and conditions.

"The NEC sends solidarity to all those at the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency taking strike action today and over the last 48 hours, and in your ongoing overtime ban.

The DVSA has treated its own workers reprehensibly and continues to refuse to work with us to resolve the situation they and the Department for Transport have created. We will not accept this.

With over 1,000 examiners taking strike action across Britain, DVSA were forced to clear their schedules for both days and only a tiny proportion of the usual number of tests took place

The blame for this disruption lies squarely with the DVSA and the DfT due to their insistence on imposing changes to terms and conditions which have been rejected by the vast majority of staff in recent ballots. No one takes strike action lightly, and that you are in this situation is an outrage.

Rest assured we will not stop in our fight for the rights and conditions of our members and for the safety and protection of the public and all those taking driving tests, and we will continue to defend the vital work you do ensuring the UK roads are safe through vehicle and driver checks.

DVSA members have the union’s full support and solidarity in this and any future action."

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