Need a replacement ballot paper? Get in touch now

09 Jul 2018

There are 2 weeks to go in the PCS postal pay ballot but if you’ve lost your ballot paper or haven’t received one, don’t delay email today with either your membership number or National Insurance number and your ballot address including postcode. These details are essential when requesting a replacement ballot paper.

Every vote counts in this ballot as the government’s laws on balloting mean for it to be legal 50% of those eligible to vote in the civil service and related grades must do so. Not voting is effectively an endorsement of the government’s paltry, below inflation 1-1.5% 2018-19 pay rise and a vote for yet another year of pay restraint.

We want all eligible members to vote yes to support our claim for a fully-funded 5% pay rise which will start to redress the balance after years of 0-1% pay rises. Vote yes, post your paper in your nearest post box and then record that you’ve voted on our web form.

No paper? Act now

If you’ve not yet received your ballot paper contact the PCS balloting office directly to request a replacement ballot paper by emailing

The email must contain details of your request, either your membership or National Insurance number and your ballot address, including postcode. Ballot addresses are required to enable us to check the details we hold on our Commix database and update as required before issuing a replacement ballot paper. Alternatively, you can call balloting on 020 7801 2810. Please have your membership or National Insurance number to hand.

The deadline for requesting a replacement ballot paper is noon on Monday 16 July.

Requests for replacement ballot papers must come directly from the member, under no circumstances are reps able to request replacement ballot papers or provide us with a member’s personal information on their behalf.

New members can vote

The deadline for new members to have joined and be included in the ballot is noon on Friday, 13July. Members who have completed an application to join PCS but are not recorded on our membership database Commix by this deadline will not be included in the ballot.

Procedures are in place for new members joining throughout the balloting period to be included in the ballot and therefore there is no need to request ballot papers.

You can support the PCS pay campaign by:

  • Signing up to become a PCS Advocate to help us win the pay rise you and your colleagues deserve
  • Voting yes in the pay ballot and posting your paper
  • Recording that you’ve voted on our web form
  • Attending PCS meetings at your workplace
  • Persuading non-members to join PCS now to back our campaign for fair pay
  • Using and share the PCS pay calculator.












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