New members explain why they joined PCS

24 Mar 2020

A determination to get involved in union work, concerns about coronavirus and a desire to be part of a collective are among the reasons why more an unprecedented number of people are joining PCS.

More than 1,000 new members have joined PCS in the past month as workers seek greater protection at work and peace of mind because of the uncertainty created by the coronavirus crisis.

Max who works for Adecco is 20 and has recently started work and is now self-isolating. He joined as he believes in unions and is keen to get involved in PCS. He has agreed to be registered as a union advocate and is looking forward to getting involved and receiving more info.

Steven, who works for the Crown Prosecution Service is ex-army and worked in the private sector where unions weren’t present and has been treated badly due to non-union recognised areas having fewer rights. He loves working for CPS and has had great contact from his local rep who has listened to his issues. He is impressed with the range of benefits provided, including the free will service and financial advice.  

A member who works for NATS said he had worked as a contractor in the aviation industry so hadn’t been able to join the union, but now that he was in NATS he had been sent an email from his local rep and felt it was important to join due to the aviation industry being susceptible to closures and cuts due to coronavirus.

A member who works for ACAS joined as she has just started a full-time job, and she believes in unions. She has agreed to get more involved as a union advocate.

It is a very important time to be a union member and together we are stronger - join PCS online today.

If you have questions about the impact of coronavirus on you, visit your PCS employer group page on this website in the first instance. This should be updated regularly with advice and information about the current situation.

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