New organising app - your PCS branch at your fingertips

25 Jul 2019

Our new organising app for PCS branches is now live and reps will this week be emailed a link to access their account.

The new app builds on the success of our branch app, which was used by many reps during the national pay ballot earlier this year. It will be a permanent feature of organising work and allow branches to update member details, identify new advocates, identify new joiners, identify potential members and, as we develop the app further, members who are leaving or lapsing from our union, as well as alert us to members who need to be moved from one branch to another, or within branches.

App features include:

  • Improved response times
  • Collection of personal data
  • Recording volunteers and advocates
  • Recording potential members
  • Data on previous levels of engagement among members to enable prioritising
  • Ability to update ballot addresses
  • Updating death benefit nominees
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Identification of new joiners
  • Identifying members who are leaving or lapsing from the union
  • Alerting the union to members who need to be moved from one branch to another or within branches.

A guide to using the app will be available shortly.

Build, grow, win – app, map, organise

The objective of the app is to enable face-to-face contact with members and non-members. It is a general organising tool designed to help us recruit and update our membership records. The app should be used in all workplaces by as many reps and advocates as possible.

PCS General Secretary Mark Serwotka and national president Fran Heathcote outlined the importance of the app and the organising work it supports:

“In PCS we are proud to be an organising union. It is through our long-standing commitment to organising that we are able to exert power and influence and fight for our members and activists. However, we cannot stand still and have to evolve in order to build, grow and win.

From now until 2020 we will be working hard to build our organisation to maximum strength. That will involve improving membership engagement in the life of the union, improving turnout in elections, strengthening our democracy and bringing new members into activism.

Working together, we aim to turn our workplaces into vibrant, union-dominated arenas that provide us with the leverage to deliver at the bargaining table. We are confident we will prevail if we all play our part.”

Who can use it?

All branches can use the app. It will be available to all branches who used it, or signed up to use it, during the last national pay ballot and a link will be emailed to branch secretaries this week. Branches who weren’t in the pay ballot will be contacted separately to make arrangements for the app to be sent to their branch.

Using the app now will mean that all branches have at least had some exposure to and practice with it ahead of any national pay ballot being called. 

If your branch is interested in using the app, email

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