PCS members organise to mark Black History Month

11 Oct 2018

PCS members across the UK are arranging events to mark Black History Month and say what black history means to them.

Black History Month (BHM), celebrated in the UK every October, is an opportunity to focus on the achievements of black people past and present and reflect on our path to race equality.

PCS encourages members to arrange events to celebrate Black History Month and has been helping to support events organised by members in Glasgow and London.

Young members leading on equality

In Glasgow, the young members’ network is holding a film night, showing Moonlight,  the coming of age story of an African American man growing up gay in a deprived Miami neighbourhood. It was the first all black cast to win an Oscar for Best Picture, the first LGBT+ film to win best picture, and Mahershala Ali was the first Muslim to win a best actor Oscar.

Fiona Brittle, convenor of the Scottish young members’ network, said:” As we decided on October for our inaugural Film Night, it made perfect sense to us that the theme should be Black History Month.

“It is awful and truly unacceptable that in 2018, racism is still such a prevalent and destructive part of society. With an openly racist president in the White House and the obscenity of race-related travesties such as Windrush and Grenfell Tower in the UK, it is as vital as ever that trade unions stand with our black siblings in solidarity against the hate and discrimination they face. Young members should be at the forefront of the trade union movement, and that means leading wherever we can on issues of equality and justice.”

Information and inspiration

At Canary Wharf in London’s Docklands, a series of lunchtime talks has been arranged.  On 19 October members will welcome Arthur Torrington from the Windrush Foundation and Zita Holbourne, PCS national vice president and national chair of Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (BARAC) will talk about black workers resisting austerity and cuts.

On 26 October Isai Priya from the Tamil Solidarity Campaign and Phil Vasili, author of the Walter Tull biography will talk to members.  Walter Tull was one of the first professional, black footballers to play for Clapton FC and Tottenham Hotspur and also the first black WW1 officer.

Get involved

For ideas of what you can do to get involved, visit our Equality pages.

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