Urge John Manzoni to end the pay betrayal

20 Feb 2019

Thousands of PCS members have emailed civil service chief executive John Manzoni urging him to ensure that civil servants receive an above-inflation pay increase in 2019, less than a week after we launched our new campaign. But we need thousands more of you to do it, too.

Last week we contacted members urging them to email the civil service chief and highlighted the shocking conclusions of an analysis of government pay data that revealed that since 2010, average civil service pay has fallen in value by between 8.6% and 11.4%; not only by comparison with the cost of living, but by comparison with the average pay of other parts of the public sector.

Already this year, Manzoni, has told PCS, that there is only 1% available to fund pay increases in the civil service unless staff and unions agree to hard-won terms and conditions being ripped up. This pay betrayal must stop, so we have declared a ballot for strike action, which opens on 18 March. The government is in disarray over Brexit, and needs civil servants more than ever before.

As part of our pay campaign, which includes our 10% pay claim, we want all members to email John Manzoni, and tell him to argue with the Treasury for additional funds, to negotiate with PCS for a civil service-wide pay increase, and ensure that civil servants receive a substantial above inflation pay increase in 2019.

Other ways to get involved

The most important thing members can do is get involved. Every person who helps our union in any way means we’re in a better position to win the ballot and if we win the ballot we’re in a better position to get what members deserve – above-inflation pay rises. So once you’ve emailed Manzoni please complete the online form to get involved in the ballot.

We need volunteers to:

  • Phone other PCS members about the pay campaign
  • Arrange pay campaign events in their area
  • Hand out leaflets at work
  • Recruit a colleague to be a PCS member.

We also need members to:

Together, let’s ensure we make 2019 the year we achieve pay justice in the civil service.

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