Informed July 2019

Pay campaign update

The NEC was provided with an update on the developments of the national public sector pay campaign.

The NEC agreed that we must continue to build on the experiences from the previous pay campaign and use the extensive data collected to assess the ballot readiness of workplaces and develop the pay campaign into one that can successfully deliver the payrise our members deserve.

Campaigning efforts are being stepped up with a new e-campaign due to be launched as well as a motion on the subject of pay being submitted to TUC Congress. We have also been having ongoing discussions with the Labour Party about their commitment to giving you a payrise when in government and the pay issue will be promoted at the PCS stall at Labour Party Conference in September.

There was a report given to the NEC on a submission to the Comprehensive Spending Review in which the union will be making the case, amongst other issues, for pay rises in the Civil Service and the case for national Civil Service pay bargaining.

Members of the NEC were all in agreement that with an incoming Boris Johnson government, the union is more determined than ever to achieve the much-needed payrise.



The update on the ongoing disputes focussed on those involving outsourced government caterers, cleaners and porters taking action over low pay, union recognition and an end to outsourcing. This included members taking action in the heart of government departments across Whitehall: HMRC, BEIS and the Foreign Office.

These disputes have received wide media attention and members striking at BEIS recently took the historic step of indefinite strike action and cleaners at HMRC in Bootle and Liverpool are also taking industrial action.

A number of NEC members also attended the hugely popular PCS rally in Parliament. Speakers included John McDonnell, Rebecca Long-Bailey and several PCS members taking strike action across Whitehall as well as Bootle and Liverpool.

Following further strike action and action short of strike over the planned closure of Ealing tax office in March and April, the employer sought negotiations. Talks are continuing on a possible solution and an update will be given when the NEC next meets.

NEC members noted the importance of the 50p subs increase as a way to increase the fighting fund and support striking members across all our disputes.



The NEC was updated on the work being done to prevent the unfairness of PCS members massively overpaying into their pensions. The government recently suspended the pension valuation scheme, which has allowed them to drag their feet on the issue.

All legal avenues will continue to be pursued to challenge the unacceptable new pension terms as well as to pressure the Government to resume the pension valuation process and get the pension contribution reductions you deserve.

We have also submitted a motion to the TUC on the pensions issue and at TUC Congress pensions will be the focus of our fringe events.


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